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AAH Fieldtrip and Lunch
Monday, July 22nd
10am Central Recycling Facility
11:30am Geraldo's
call 799-4026 to RSVP

Aging is a team sport.  Let's enjoy it together!

Aging at Home Fairbanks
(AAH Fairbanks) is a membership organization for older adults in the Fairbanks area. We provide access to services to help them stay in their homes as they grow older. Most services are provided by volunteers. For services that are beyond volunteer capacity, we have a list of screened paid providers. Social get-togethers, lectures, and educational workshops are added benefits!

AAH Fairbanks is a program of the non-profit North Star Council on Aging and is a member of the Village to Village Network of similar organizations.

Happy Hour
   Friday, July 12, 4:00 pm
Home of Paul and Lucy McCarthy
Please bring snack and/or beverages

Aging Well Discussion -
  Tuesday, July 16, 3:30pm
The Joy of Constructive Thinking: exploring new things while remembering the past with Dr. Nicholas Deely

AAH! Fieldtrip
   Monday, July 22, 10:00am

Fairbanks Recycling Facility with Sean Huntington

AAH! Lunch
   Monday, July 22, 11:30am

Geraldo's, RSVP required

Newsletter May-June 2019

Aging at Home Fairbanks                  1424 Moore St., Fairbanks AK 99701            907-799-4026