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Supporting Services

Services for members are performed by volunteers and subject to their availability.
Volunteer drivers provide one-way or round-trip transportation to members and may assist them as needed. Typical destinations may include:

  • Doctors’ appointments
  • Grocery stores
  • Houses of worship
  • Community meetings
  • Airport


Home Assistance

Our volunteers may come to a member's home and help with household tasks such as:

  • Clean out closets & cabinets
  • Change light bulbs
  • Hang pictures & curtains
  • Move light furniture
  • Make simple repairs
  • Rake, sweep or shovel walkways
  • Perform small gardening tasks


Technology & Technical Support

Volunteers help explain technology to members, advise them on equipment purchases and upgrades, tutor them in hardware and software use and provide specialized assistance such as:

  • Setting up a new computer or printer
  • Setting up a home wireless network
  • Troubleshooting a computer
  • Selecting & using a cellular (mobile) telephone


Convenience Services

Volunteers help members with small needs on an occasional basis. These may include:

  • Medical appointment escort
  • Pick up prescriptions 
  • Mail packages
  • Run errands
  • Check on houses or apartments when members are away
  • Pick up mail & newspapers
  • Walk dogs & care for pets on an emergency basis


Friendly Visits & Contact Calls

Volunteers may call or visit members at a regularly scheduled time to check on their well being, just chat or read to those with impaired vision.

Paid Provider List

One-call vetted referrals to paid providers who can provide services such as
  • carpentry
  • painting
  • plumbing
  • electrical work
  • gardening
  • accounting
  • housesitting

Social Events

Members schedule regular get-togethers such as:
  • Pot lucks
  • Lunches or dinners at local restaurants
  • Theatre parties

Contact Us: or (907) 799-4026